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The Many Advantages of Routine Floor Maintenance

There are many benefits to scheduling routine maintenance for any type of flooring in commercial buildings. As a business owner or property manager, you have chosen the interior decor carefully to present a professional and successful image to your customers, as well as considered functionality to create an atmosphere that contributes to your employees achieving a higher level of production.

Regular Maintenance Programs Can Reduce Capital Expenditures

If your flooring is only being superficially attended to, sooner or later it will require a restoration project or replacement; this is a capital expense. Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration can create a maintenance program for your building, itemized as a general maintenance expense, which will keep your building looking great and prevent unnecessary and premature capital expenditures. We understand that your business means everything to you, and we will ensure that we keep it looking the best, for the best price.

Commercial Floor Maintenance Programs

As a business owner or property manager, you want your building to look great all the time. You want to avoid inconsistencies, where the floor looks good after you hire a service provider only to notice that the floor degenerates and looks dingy over time. Commercial properties need to have maintenance programs designed for their facility and their unique type of flooring. Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration has a thorough understanding of all types of tile and grout flooring, and we have a program for your business.

Your Facility Can Look Like New… Always!

Our maintenance programs are less expensive than periodic restorations, and your facility will look like new all the time! Work is completed after your business hours are over or before the start of your day. Our technicians are highly-trained and insured, and we do not hire sub-contractors so you can be assured that the work will completed with the results that you desire. We are available for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly service to keep your building looking great all the time. We guarantee that you will never need a restoration capital expenditure again!

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