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Have Your Granite Countertops or Floors Seen Better Days?

Granite is a luxurious stone surface, but if yours becomes dull, scratched, chipped or is in need of a cleaning and sealing, you can count on the experts at Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration in Tampa to restore it to a like-new appearance. Our specialized training and years of experience with granite cleaning & restoration can resolve virtually any problem you may have.

Our Granite Restoration Can:

  • Restore Dull Granite Floors and Surfaces
  • Remove Most Stains
  • Seal and Protect
  • Repair Cracks and Chips in Granite Countertops

Why Choose Us For Granite Restoration?

Granite restoration requires specialized skills, and many stone restoration contractors won’t touch it. If your granite needs restoration, call Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration. Our professional technicians are highly trained and have the knowledge and experience to restore your granite countertops, granite floors, and other granite surfaces. Whether it needs to be diamond honed, re-polished or cleaned and sealed, our professional technicians can use state-of-the-art equipment to perform these services for you.

Sealing and Protecting Your Granite

The key to keeping your granite looking new is proper cleaning, sealing and routine care and maintenance. Have you had your granite countertops cleaned and sealed lately? We recommend having your granite countertops cleaned and professionally sealed every one to two years.

Granite Cleaning & Maintenance Offers Long-Lasting Protection

Granite is not as delicate as other stones such as marble and it holds up better in heavily used applications. Therefore, granite is usually installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is a much harder stone than marble and usually does not etch. However, even though it is a very hard stone it is not a solid surface but is very porous and will absorb liquids that can cause staining and discoloration. Regular polishing and sealing is required in order to maintain granite. Contact Bay Shore Cleaning and Restoration for recommendations regarding usage, care and maintenance.

See Granite Surfaces We've Restored

We recommend cleaning your granite surface using a quality stone-safe neutral stone cleaner. If your stone becomes scratched or damaged, we can clean, polish, repair and restore your granite countertops, vanities or floors back to their original condition.

Bay Shore Cleaning & Restoration provides expert granite cleaning, polishing, restoring sealing, repair services throughout the Tampa area, including Egypt-Lake Leto, Greater Carrollwood, Del Rio, Temple Terrace, Lake Magdalene, University and more. Contact us online or call us at 813-609-8661 to discuss your granite needs.

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